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I'm Behind on Bills

"The phone calls just don't stop."

"I'm afraid to go to the mailbox."

"I just don't know what to do."

Most of our clients tell us these things. You want to pay your bills. But lately it seems that there's always too much month left at the end of the money. And the reasons why people can't pay their bills usually aren't their fault.

What Causes 86% of All Bankruptcy Cases? 

Health Issues, Job Loss, & Divorce

Health issues, job loss or job change, separation and divorce, and wages that simply do not keep up with the ever-spiraling cost of living.


These are just some of the reasons why so many honest, hard-working individuals and families in Maryland and Washington, D.C. find themselves in financial distress.

And, contrary to what the credit industry tells you, none of these things has anything to do with financial irresponsibility, lack of hard work, or your latte at Starbucks. They are simply bad things that sometimes happen to good people. But with the way the banks have things set up, once you fall behind, they jack up your interest rate, cut your line of credit, and make it even harder -- or impossible -- for you to ever catch up.

The secret is that there is a real way — a legal, honorable way — to get out from under this crushing weight of overdue bills. For good.

The solution for lots of people in this situation is bankruptcy. Stop the constant phone calls, wipe out the credit cards, and get a fresh start.

But everyone keeps telling you bankruptcy is the worst thing you could do.


NOT TRUE! In fact, bankruptcy gives you the chance to end your bill problems and rebuild your life once and for all. Bankruptcy wipes out credit card and medical debt, stops harassing collection calls and letters at home and at work, halts lawsuits and garnishments. In many cases, you can even get rid of tax debt!

Many people don’t realize that Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 may be a way to get a fresh financial start. But due to an incredible amount of false information, this may sound frightening. In fact, a lot of people walk around thinking that there’s no help for them, and no way out.

The credit industry doesn't want you to know the facts about bankruptcy. They want to keep you in the dark because that makes it more likely you'll just pay up — even if it means you won't be able to take care of your family.


Want some independent proof of how credit card companies take advantage of people? Watch The Secret History of the Credit Card, a special that aired on PBS. And since then, it's only gotten worse.


Now I'm a bankruptcy attorney. I've helped people with their debt problems for 40 years. I write, I lecture, and I teach bankruptcy law. But I do things a little differently than some bankruptcy attorneys.


I know that bankruptcy isn’t the answer to every problem, which is why I’ll never try to shoehorn you into a bankruptcy filing unless it’s absolutely the right solution for you.

The bottom line is this: my job is to take care of my clients, to make sure that they get what they need, not what I need.

If a Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 is right for you, I can help you get a fresh start and get your personal finances back on track. And if bankruptcy isn't the best option for you, I'll tell you that as well. You'll get an honest opinion from an attorney who will fight for you.


You owe it to yourself—and to your family and loved ones — to get the facts.


The bottom line is this: Americans are in more debt now than ever before. And credit card companies and banks do everything possible to keep you in debt. Using scare tactics and outrageous fees, it's easy for an honest, hard-working person to fall into a downward spiral. You need help, and that's why I'm here.


Sit back and read through this site. Learn what your rights are. Get the facts, all at no cost. Then, when you're ready to end your bill problems and jump start your good credit, call me at 301.924.4400. Email me. Set up a confidential, no-obligation case review. Let us help.

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