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40 Years Practicing Law!

This year marks the 40th anniversary of being admitted to the bar.

Forty years ago, I was clerking for Bruce Williams, the Chief Judge of the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court. In November of that year, with the rest of the judicial clerks, we were anxiously awaiting news of whether he had passed the bar exam we took that July. (Yes, it took four months back then!)

After some of my friends on Friday found out that they passed, and I hadn't received my letter, I spent a rough night. Thankfully, it arrived the next day, and I found out that not only had I passed, my score was so high I could automatically waive into the District of Columbia bar as well.

The plaque to the left says, "Proudly Serving the Community Since 1983". That's true. I am proud that I have served the community during the past 40 years. Helping people save homes and businesses is something I am very proud of, and gives me a lot of satisfaction.

I plan on continuing to serve the community for, if not the next 40 years, as many years as I can! Thank you for your continued support of me and my firm.

Brett Weiss

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