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What Do We Actually Do For You?

Updated: Jan 15

We’re often asked by new clients what we actually do for them. I thought I’d put a short list together:

  • We let you answer your phone without your heart trembling with fear that it’s someone calling to collect a bill.

  • We let you get your mail without worrying about nasty letters and collection notices.

  • We give you room in your mailbox for birthday cards instead of bills.

  • We let your voicemail be empty.

  • We let you know your kids will be going to the same school next fall, because you’ve saved your home from foreclosure.

  • We let you know you’ll keep your job because you’ve saved your car from being repossessed.

  • We let you sleep at night.

Oh, and we also deal with creditors and the Court, prepare and file schedules and pleadings, argue on your behalf, and do all of the other “lawyer work.”

But what our clients remember is the important stuff above. *That* is what we really do.

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